A.G.M. Agenda

Minutes of the AGM held at Walls Social Club 2018

Minutes of the AGM held at Walls Social Club Tuesday Aug 6th

 2018 AGM minutes agreed and signed off  

Chairman’s Welcome 

The Chairman Graham Tranter welcomed everyone to the meeting and congratulated all winning teams for league and cup competitions. He thanked all the committee members for their hard work over the challenging season. 

Divisional Secretary Report 

Bryan congratulated all winners from last season and wished every team well for the forthcoming season. The top score for the season was jointly won by Luke Hayward and Rich Allen and the away average (Div 1-2) was won by Mark Cornwell and (Div 2-3) was won by Luke Hayward.  Bryan encouraged teams to send in their team’s highest away average. Fines over the season were £860 which was £145 up on previous season. Teams were asked to scan or photo result cards and send them off to Bryan to make sure results get in on time. The Bank holiday dates in April were highlighted so teams plan ahead and get these games played as early as possible and not left to the end of the season. 

Treasurers Report 

The league gave out account expenditure sheets for everybody to view.

General Secretary Report

Mark firstly congratulated all season winners.

He then went on to talk about the changes that the league have gone through over the past two years. No more fixture books, change of AGM and team info collection, new website, new singles comp etc. Mark also stressed to all team captains and secretaries the need to be proactive and organised with team issues. Rearrangement of games, paying fines, updating team information etc.

Presentation evening and Mark pointed out that if you fail to show for the night and don’t collect your trophy then firstly it looks bad and secondly the money you should have won will go to charity. 

Trophies collected on the presentation night must be looked after because of what happened at with the Hurran Cup, teams were told that if they want to leave the trophy they have won with Mark on the night then do so. 

He thanked the committee for their help and commitment to running the league

3 Cities report

Gloucester won the competition for the fourth year running after beating Worcester in a bowl off at Hereford. Mark thanked all players involved for their commitment. 

WMFP report

This competition won’t be running next season due to lack of commitment from all teams.

Front Pin Masters 

Andy Benzie won the second Front Pin Masters competition played at Robinswood Hill SC.

An outstanding performance on the night and he thoroughly deserved his win. Mark thanked Robinswood SC for running the competition but it will be moving to Churchdown Community Centre over Christmas 2019. 

Cup Competitions Report 

Andy congratulated the winners in both sections and thanked all the committee for their help during the week’s competition at Walls. 

Issues raised for discussion

Rearrangement of games 

After receiving numerous letters from teams about rearrangement of games the committee tweaked the rule 5 and introduced “Gloucester home games “ and “ Cheltenham Race week” as reasons for teams to rearrange games (max 2) in a season. This has to be in agreement with the opposition, and the new rule will replace the old rule on the website after it was voted on and passed with a huge majority. 

Change the cut off day for result cards 

The day for result cards to be handed in will be changed from Tuesday 12pm to Wednesday 12pm. This will give teams an extra 24 hours to make sure Bryan gets the result in time to put on the web site. 

Wooden/Rubber Balls 

Mark raised the issue of the shortage of wood for manufacture of balls going forward. 

Mark is looking at options and will keep the league up tom date via the website with further information when it’s received. 

Election of Officers 

All the current committee was elected on block for the forthcoming season in their current roles. 


Kingsholm Inn closure 

Mark pointed out that the Jockey pub had closed and he wasn’t sure when it will open again.