Press Release

If you want to see the individual high scorers for each team then click on the download buttonand it will open an excel spreadsheet in a separate window, this is what you would have seen in the paper if they carried on printing it.

Skittles Press (xlsx)


With the cancellation of the leagues due to the Coronavirus outbreak the committee have agreed that the league tables will be decided on an average points per game for all unplayed games. For all the teams that had games in hand in their leagues you will be awarded your average points per game for your missing games. This is the fairest way to resolve any issues around teams having not played the same amount of games. 

For all those teams who payed £5 to enter the Front Pin Competition this year, that money will be carried over into next season. 

Remember teams registration fees (£35) are due in for next season by April 30th. 

All teams that have trophies from last season please keep hold of them and when the time is right Mark Cornwell (Gen Sec) will contact you about their return. 


The Committee 

My apologies for the league table, but it was the only way I could get it on the site and readable

Due to the premature ending of the season we have reduced the number of qualifying matches  for the Away Average from 12 away matches to 10 

Late results

Late Results